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From counting sheep, to heirlooms

Historic Faribault Woolen Mill Co comes to Excelsior.

Located below the recently opened Hotel Excelsior, the third Faribault Woolen Mill Store opened it's doors March 2021. Their spring Grand Opening happens this weekend with events & giveaways starting 5pm Thursday!

Even before making what you might envision as an old drab Army blanket, FWM Co produced woolen blankets for pioneers heading west in the 1800's! The variety and selection has changed, but the quality remains the same (sturdy, masterfully crafted quality goods).

Making a selection from over 40 designs wont be easy, but there is certainly a design for everyone to swoon over. Simple and rustic, prideful and local, upcycled and artistic collections... Each piece is perfect for gifting, and is bound to become a family heirloom.

If you're not eager to purchase what feels like a cold weather item in May, I hear you. But I do encourage you to experience the airy cabin vibe of the boutique next time you're on Water Street. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable of FWM Co history. The store offers smaller wool items too (pillows, totes, hobo bags, shawls, coffee sleeves and even wine bags).


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