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I lost a foot, and feel so free

Have you ever donated a part of you?

Long and super thick, naturally curly (like seriously curly) hair is kind of what I'm known for. Well, that and big cheek bones, odd eyebrows, and often a lack of makeup. But let's not get off topic! Earlier this week I was overdue for a haircut, and had finally grown my hair long enough to be able to donate it to a "Locks of Love" type charity. So I did it, I had 12 inches of hair (hair that I had been growing out for over 4yrs) cut off. And just in time for warmer weather (please Mother Nature, work with me here). And being my hair is so thick, the cut was literally a weight lifted off my shoulders.

"That's one way to loose a couple pounds fast!"

My new cut is an Inverted Bob, and let me tell you, the first time I washed my hair my shower time was also cut by more than half. Now I just need to find the right hair product to tame this mane!

Where did the hair go? I did some research, seeking a non-profit that would accept my hair and give it to someone in need at no charge. I found one I had not heard of...Children With Hair Loss. How amazing, helping children! As a parent, I can only imagine the added stress and financial burden of having a child with hair loss. Children With Hair Loss is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Their tagline is "Covering young heads to heal young hearts." Each child receives a new hair replacement annually, completely free, up until they turn 21. And unlike most similar charities, they only require a minimum 8 inches of healthy hair! So even YOU may be able do this...and I encourage you to #cutpasslove.

Know before you go: Bring disposable ponytail holders (the hair should be sectioned off into ponytails), and a Ziploc type bag for placing your hair in. Be sure the hair is dry before completely sealing the bag. And, take a before photo BEFORE you arrive at the salon...their salon chair lighting might be ideal for the stylist working on your hair, but perhaps not for promoting your natural glow.

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