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21 + 19 =

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Happy Birthday to me!

Age is just a number, blah blah. Ha ha. Yes, a very important number. One that affects

what you're allowed to do, as well as what is expected of you.

Have you ever passed by a random kid acting out and thought, "What a little $#*+, they are old enough to know better" ...only to realize they're simply tall for their age? As adults, even though we may be of similar ages, our experiences and capacities may leave us acting another (age).

There used to be so many expectations of different age groups...when one should have kids, when one should start saving that "nest egg", when one should own a home, when one should be settled into a job or family. Luckily, in more recent times, those expectations have shifted and blurred.

I may not have a financially enviable career, but I enjoy what I do and I help others as a result of what I do. And I'm good with that. I celebrate where I'm at. I invite you to celebrate with me! I'm giving away a few different prizes, and all you need to do is share this blog post on your social media, and tag friends that are not yet following Kara's Take on Facebook (but definitely should be). One entry for each friend tagged! Check out these prizes...

And hey, if we have to live with snow in October, we might as well get a jump start on a tan for the holidays. Start celebrating NOW when you use my code for $10 off @ Glow Lounge Excelsior!

Celebrate your everyday.


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