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Decor. Favors. Activities.

Celebrate with style & ease.

Whether you love to host, or dread it, Rose Petal Social has you covered with stylish parties delivered in a single box!

No need to run around town or scan the internet for matching, eco-conscious, reasonably priced, high quality supplies with free shipping when you can shop a local (Wayzata, MN) woman-owned business and get it all.

From birthdays, to bridal & baby showers, to a holiday winter wonderland, Founder Meghan is just getting started with the selection offered by her new event styling business. Rose Petal Social offers a variety of tableware, tablescapes, memorable activities, and meaningful favors. When you select your party package, it will arrive on your doorstep with every detail accounted for. Like for real, all the details. No tacky napkins that don't absorb a thing, and leave their color behind on your face. And no plates that collapse when more than a brownie is placed on it.

With Christmas just around the corner, I was all about the seasonal decor of this Winter Wonderland Tablescape! I knew my kids would especially enjoy the twinkle lights and snow.

Does this "stuff" look daunting to you? Or clean & simplistic? Not to worry, it is definitely well thought out. The trees and large snow flakes are made of wood, and the snow, lights and table runner are all reusable.

The tablescape setup was easy, taking less than 20minutes, and the kids were so excited to see it when they arrived home. In fact, crafting this could make for a fun activity in itself for some children.

After the display was setup in our dining room for a few days, I realized it would look even more at home with the matching Christmas color scheme we had going on in our family room. So I simply grabbed the trees and rolled up the runner with all the items inside, and brought it downstairs. It was so easy to set back up and makes me stress-free about packing it up in a couple weeks to be ready for next winter. That is, if my kids don't get their hands on the fairy lights and snow first. I will admit, the snow is fun to play with. When I made it (just add water) and laid it out, it was even cool to the touch.

But let's back a up a step or two. First, you want to unbox your party as soon as it arrives to help release any wrinkles from the table cloth & runner. As you may see, I overlooked that. But it's easy to iron or spray on some wrinkle releaser if you have the time. After placing the table cloth and/or runner on your space, the first step is the fairy lights. Don't skip the glue dots. They allow the wire from the lights to lay flat which helps the snow camouflage the wire, and the mini holiday light bulbs to lay nicely (atop the glowing fairy lights) so their color is illuminated.

When you're ready to place your snow, be sure to have your bowl right next to the table runner. If not, you WILL drop snow elsewhere as you bring your handful over top the fairy lights. You can then create as narrow or wide a snow path as you like.

Next add your trees, large snow flakes, and colorful light bulbs.

And flip the switch! (turn on the fairy lights)

It is so pretty and festive!

Now I just need to figure out who or what to celebrate next, so I can open more Rose Petal Social boxes. I REALLY like the activities and party favors they have available.

INSIDER INFO: Use code KTB2120 for 20% off your order (they're already priced fairly)!

PRO TIP: After a day or so (depends on the temp/moisture level of your home) the snow will eventually dry up causing it to shrink. To prevent this from happening you can use a spray bottle to spritz the snow once daily.


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