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Another lake-style fashion boutique

But this shop has a little more salt to it.

“Likely targeting the 50+ crowd.”

The new Sweet Nautical Boutique opened it's doors today on Excelsior's famous Water Street. The coveted shopping destination has been rearranging quite a bit lately. I'll admit, I'm most excited to welcome Red Bench Bakery into the former Patisserie Margo location, but that won't be until summer.

So let's focus on spring! It's finally here and so is Sweet Nautical. The shop is located in what was the Vinaigrette & The Real Wine Republic space near the corner of Water St. and 3rd St. The new boutique flaunts a charming collection of summer inspired clothing & accessories with that "I'm about to host friends on our boat" look. You'll want to touch your way through the store, as many of the clothing items have that "I need to know what that fabric feels like" aesthetic.

The fashion was displayed mostly by color, and among the sea of white, was a super cute section with pale pink (which I loved). There was a counter filled with jewelry, including a few pairs of earrings I wouldn't mind owning. They also have a small selection of sandals & swimwear.

This is the second location for Sweet Nautical, the first being among the downtown shops of Prior Lake.

BONUS: As a treat for customers, there is a very large shell (bowl) filled with colorful salt water taffy!


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