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Are you a Momtrepreneur?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The gig economy and micro business is on the rise, and Lake Minnetonka has no shortage of lady bosses.

Computer, phone or pen to paper, everyone takes note when She is talking.

“Multi-tasking queens, moms know how to run things.

From start-ups to boutiques, small business is no small business around the lake. Moms rule the world, we know that. I mean, what can't a mom do? The answer is, nothing. There's nothing She can't do with the help of her village. I cannot count the number of women-owned shops in town! And we are so lucky to have this network of perceptive, creative, and innovative movers and shakers bringing the public what they want and what they didn't know they need. If you're a "momtrepreneur", please send a note letting me know your story, and I may feature your business and grow my list of recommendations! Then join the newly formed Momtrepreneur Meetup group on Facebook where we share small business knowledge, tips, tricks, and stressors! Vent about the hassles of owning & running a business, and gain insight into how other local moms do it.


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