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Chanhassen's Newest Eatery

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Asian Chicken Taco Cups, The Cookie Cups, Savory

Any time, any crowd. The items on The Cookie Cups menu are perfect for a catered event (seriously, I'd be so happy to attend a wedding and see these cuties set out for guests, or saunter into yet another team meeting only to find cupcake-shape delicacies waiting for me)! But, what's even better is at the new Chanhassen location (600 Market St. #105) you have the opportunity to grab your favorites on-the-go when you want a quick bite; create your own six-pack (or larger) as a giftable treat; or sit down and indulge to your heart's desire.

“A bakery like no other.”

The Cookie Cups flagship location opened in Navarre, MN in the spring of 2018, while the Chanhassen location is set to open this Friday, October 18th. More than cookies shaped like a cupcake, think of The Cookie Cups storefront as a bakery meets coffee shop meets deli counter. You can grab and go, get some work done on your computer, have a lunch date with your kids, or meet a friend for a cup or two.

mac & cheese, meatloaf, the cookie cups, savory, cupcake
3 Cheese Mac & Cheese + Meat & Potato Cups

Brunch, lunch or dinner time, you'll be surrounded by the aromas of comfort food, including both sweet and savory flavors. If you're up for something more exotic (for the Minnesota pallet), try a savory Asparagus Goat Cheese Frittata or Asian Chicken Taco Cup followed by a sweet Apricot Jam Cup for dessert.

BONUS: Coffee and milkshakes are also on the menu, as you are encouraged to sit and stay a while among the super sweet decor and Insta-worthy wall quotes.


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