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Community building starts early

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Home school, public school, private school...

We all love LEGO, and who doesn't enjoy free entertainment for the kids? You'd be surprised at the wide variety of experiences children have the opportunity to partake in at our local Hennepin County Library! Art adventures, craft projects, theatrical workshops, guest readers, beginner book clubs, entertainers, cultural celebrations, movie matinees and more.

“From LEGOs to magic shows, who knew this was all at our fingertips when we visit the library?”

You may have heard the recent Gallup poll stating that in the U.S., library visits outpaced trips to the movies in 2019! I think one big reason for this is that I'm not the only one who knows and takes advantage of the library giving access to diverse learning opportunities for kids of all ages. Like FabLab, a monthly STEAM experience gives 6th to 12th graders the opportunity to learn new skills making both high- and low-tech projects. While FabLab Jr. offers a drop-in style class for 3rd through 5th graders to create unique craft projects.

I have actually been surprised by some of the activities offered at the Excelsior Library. I applaud them for extending their reach beyond the suburban norm. And I am excited to see what they bring to our community in the future.


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