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The gangs of Ridgedale

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

No loitering in their territory.

Seeking out a particular store in the mall? Ask a mall-walker. They know the lay of the land (especially the good bathrooms, and where to refill your water bottle). You wouldn’t believe the amount of members these exclusive mall-walking gangs have as they take to the tile flooring of Ridgedale Center each day. Some casual and slow, often with coffee in hand. Others move about as if they just got word there are donuts in the break room, bobbing and weaving between pillars, kiosks and pedestrians. Herds of up to 6 brush sleeves with guests in the mall as they narrowly pass, ensuring no one and nothing slows their stride…not even the stroller-pushing mama holding her newborn with one arm! Refusing to reduce their speed, they drop an item in the strategically timed-out trash bin of choice. Even with the mall’s enticing aroma of coffee & sweet treats, in-your-face but friendly sales people, and exciting seasonal shops, this determined bunch won’t be deterred from the mission at hand (walking...perhaps with great speed in order to beat their previous time?).

They will however make a mental note when a new shop appears, especially when said shop alters their beloved walking path. This is what Founders Collaborative has done. They bucked the system, placing a modern pop-up boutique among the sea of dark, out dated kiosks. This dainty, open space is far from the mall norm. With custom (woman-made) shelving & displays, your eye is drawn to the prettiness that is Founders Co. Residing on the first floor alongside high-end, high-quality storefronts, the boutique is a nice upgrade to the mall (hopefully starting a trend).

This past fall, three local, small, women and family-owned businesses came together to create Founders Co. If you hurry, you can shop their first physical space, open November 23rd through December 27th at Ridgedale Center. The pop-up features a curated selection of the delicate necklaces & earrings, handcrafted candles, and modern home décor offered by the women makers (and founders) at MEND Jewelry, Excelsior Candle Co. and B+D Custom Crafts (...Founders Co.).

But wait, there’s more! Keep an eye out for so much more from this girl gang. These forward-thinking women are passionate about entrepreneurs, creators, makers and builders. And they have big plans, as their journey of innovation & community has just begun.


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