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Glow your own way

Overcome the sun.

Have you ever been waiting your turn at the marina when you glance around only to notice a perfectly smooth and tan young thang passing by? Like, uhm, how do they do it? What a gift, to leave the house so seemingly effortlessly. Based on my recent experience, I'd venture to guess they regularly procure a leg & bikini wax (or laser hair removal), followed by a spray tan from The Glow Lounge!

With yard work, beach time and bike rides, I typically have a decent summer tan and major tan lines. Speaking of, when you were little did you refer to the differing levels of your tan as Vanilla (your average pasty shade of winter), Strawberry (recently burnt) and Chocolate (a darker shade than your norm)? I did. And now that I'm grown, I'd rather not have the contrast of vanilla upper thighs with chocolate on the rest of my legs.

This week I was lucky enough to have my first airbrush tan with Kess at The Glow Lounge Excelsior. The lounge was adorned so comfortably, it was a nice presence to walk into. And the staff was eagerly waiting for me upon my arrival, ready to accommodate my semi-modest self.

After discussing the type of glow I was after, I went with the an upgrade ($10) for a faster setting option. That way I don't have to spend extended hours trying not to touch my skin, and resisting the urge to wipe off areas where the bronzer has pooled. Luckily, some pooling & unwanted color is preventable with a cream you apply (before the spray tan) to the underside of your hands, and by wearing "sticky feet" to keep the color from getting on the soles of your feet. Aaaand, a paper thong & hair net are provided for each guest should they choose to wear them.

But these measures don't help if you touch before your first shower. Don't touch! You'll end up with Cheetos Fingers.

Unlike the spray tans of yesteryear, done by standing in a machine and hoping for the best, at The Glow Lounge you receive a personalized heat-infused airbrush glow done by a trained (and respectful) technician. Did you catch that "heat-infused" part? The warming of the spray prevents that initial cold jump when the spray meets your skin. For me, it was the perfect temperature, no goosebumps. I didn't flinch or shiver a bit.

Another benefit of forgoing the machine spray is the experienced professional performing your treatment can put extra focus on specific areas (like reducing tan lines and getting your bum ready for those cheeky bikini bottoms).

Whether you're going for bronze beauty or just not pail, you can select the depth of your tan. I've always believed glowing skin makes body hair less noticeable, gives the appearance of your skin being soft and you appear thinner overall! And, believe it or not, my skin does feel softer! And I didn't even make use of the Ph Balancing Moisturizer add on (which I likely would in colder months).

I'm super happy with my experience & new glow (no more drastic swimsuit lines). I anticipate visiting The Glow Lounge again!

HOT TIP: If you shave and ever get those tiny bumps around your bikini line, beware. The spray tan may enhance their appearance. Consider asking about this ahead of time to prevent it from hindering your glow.

HOT TIP: Depending on the shade you choose, you will likely be walking out slightly resembling a penny. Not to worry, this is just the bronzer and it will come off in your first shower. The water at your feet will turn dark.

The Takeaway: Your glow may last up to 10 days. They use an eco-certified organic sugar beet solution. And are woman-owned!


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