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Go to the bar to get your nails done

Wayzata's Colonial Square is full of surprises.

Over a month ago, before Coronavirus was a thing...I anticipated walking in to an obviously outdated place with a decent makeover to cover the former business’s color choices. But Paint Nail Bar’s modern space with earthy tones is so much more than your typical nail salon. I was greeted by an enthusiastic employee ready to get me checked in, with the beverage of my choosing in hand. I was then escorted to the nail chair for my service, and introduced to my nail technician. We all have our preference as to how chatty our service providers are, so I’ll fill you in. If you prefer slightly soft spoken and less chatty, ask for Emmalie (youthful & talented). If you’re up for more conversation, request Jenny (and admire her cool sense of style).

If you’re asked, “Would you like squoval?”, don’t be confused or offended. They’re referring to one of the many shapes your nails can be trimmed and filed into. A few of the other fun nail shape names include coffin, stiletto, and almond. Anyway, once my nails were smooth and all squoval, she then asked, “Is there anything you’d like me to fix before applying the polish?” This is the first time I’d been asked this when having my nails done. Typically, if a nail tech sees you eyeing up your freshly shaped nails, they’ll ask, “Everything look all right?” And as a polite Minnesotan you nod your head yes. But when specifically asked if there’s something she could fix, this approach encourages you to then take a closer look along with her. You feel comfortable that any minor tweak you request will be a welcomed suggestion (perhaps a spot she may have overlooked), verses being met with an eye roll as she contemplates how that tiny flaw is nothing compared to the rest of you.

Check out Paint Nail Bar’s contemporary pedicure area, and you’ll find its luxuriously textured chairs and the minimalist foot bowls are especially pleasing to the eye. When your feet are finished being pampered, you may realize you forgot to bring the appropriate footwear to go home in. Don’t fret, fun flip flops in a few different sizes are available for purchase (rather than waddling out the door in the standard tacky foam pedicure slippers). They have really thought out the guest experience.

Definitely worth considering for a Mother’s Day outing (though that may be wishful thinking at this point...maybe a gift card)!

HOT TIP: PAINT is offering polish delivery to your door!

Please note: A Go Fund Me Page has been set up to support the local PAINT staff financially while they are unable to work.


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