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Have a blue Christmas

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

An atypical holiday

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Bachman's Holiday Ideas House earlier this month, and it was such a perfect way to kickoff the holiday season. The historic Bachman Family Home in South Minneapolis is decked out with a Classic Christmas theme for guests to admire (and shop). The decor stylists were asked to express what a "Classic Christmas" means to them (from modern to gaudy and everything in between). The amazing mix of decor plus fresh & faux plants really bring the holiday home. The trend that stood out to me was the use of blue. It is such a nice transition from the norm, without being too wild!

"The Ideas House is full of it.

Convenient for me, blue goes perfectly with the year-round style of the main floor of our home, which has touches of nautical blues throughout. Adding seasonal accents in shades of blue is so fun (especially for Christmas, Easter & Autumn)!

The stylists for Bachman's show how to bring blue into every room of the house, and the result is a gorgeous upgrade to the traditional Christmas look. This Blue Willow style ornament is my favorite!

Honorable mention, the color Purple! These Who-Ville Trees are so cute, and the Lavender Trees are a lovely way to add some calm to your holiday home.

Visit the Bachman's Holiday Ideas House with your holiday-loving friends, or go for lunch at nearby Patrick's and stroll over to the Ideas House after. Either way, be sure to get tickets in advance!

November 7 - December 15 2019 Bachman’s Historic Family Home @ 6010 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis

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Wow this looks like a ton of fun. Everyone's getting ready for Christmas.

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