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Ladies who (know how to) lunch

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

If you're going to eat out, you might as well go all out!

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“Definitely my new favorite restaurant.”

An overdue weekday lunch date with a mom friend calls for a special destination meal. One with a few key ingredients:

1) Alcohol 2) Real food 3) No kids

Where will you find such a unicorn of eateries? The Copper Cow Kitchen & Bar, located on the south side of Minnetonka. This place is amazing! Their talented kitchen crew provides locally sourced made-from-scratch burgers and more. Bucking the norm (and what every mom will avoid with her kids), we started with dessert! Or, no, how about we just say we started with drinks? Yes, drinks. The Copper Cow's signature BOOZY MILKSHAKES! First and foremost, they're definitely show stoppers. We had multiple customers pointing across the dining room at our eye-catching drinks. By the way, you can get them without the alcohol...but we did not. These babies are more than just a photo-op! They taste amazing. Surprising to me, they were light and airy (not heavy and ultra filling). They didn't have a staunch air of alcohol either, it all blended together seamlessly. The 2 we tried had flavored vodka in them. Did you notice the donut atop each milkshake glass? They're like the old-fashion style donuts, but not as dry. And the whipped cream, ahhh yes please (no Reddi Whip or Cool Whip here). These shakes are now my new favorite way to celebrate a birthday, or any day because moms deserve this indulgent experience on the regular.

Happy Cake Day To Me + Death By Chocolate

Uhm, do they have salad to balance things out?

Yes, they do have lighter fare. And let me tell you, the Burrata Garden Salad is the bomb (yes, I just brought that back). It's a plate adorned with prosciutto, fresh burrata, arugula, roasted tomatoes, milk & honey croutons, shallots, torn basil, and balsamic yumminess. If you're not sure what "burrata" is, don't worry, I had to Google it. Burrata is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. And it is good! Very milky and not chewy or salty like some mozzarella can be. Unlike some places that go a bit crazy with the balsamic and other dressings, the balsamic at The Copper Cow was just right.

salad, arugala, balsamic, crouton, lettuce, tomato, burrata, mozzarella, prosciutto, dinner plat, #coppercowkitchen
So. Good.

Those burgers though.

The delicate and sophisticated ladies that we are, we shared the Fried Chicken sandwich and the Cow & The Sow burger. A pleasant surprise, the breading on the fried chicken was crispy and not thick. I'm not a fan of that super thick breading you can pull off in one piece. That burger though, it was (dare I say?) amazeballs. The local beef & bacon arrived topped with bacon cheddar, icebox pickles, butter lettuce, and a house-made milk & honey bun. I'm not a pickle fan, so my mom-date got the benefit of double on her half. I don't even know how to explain this burger other than to say that it is now my favorite burger ever. Yep, ever. Juicy. Cheesy. Bacony. Buttery goodness. With every bite, this burger melts in your mouth.

Our visit to The Copper Cow was splendid. We laughed, shared, indulged, and smiled throughout the meal. And we can't wait to go back! Seriously, we've both already discussed over text that even though we tried all this deliciousness just yesterday, we would happily do so again today.

Know before you go: If arriving at the restaurant at a peak mealtime, parking may be limited. You can make use of the Yelp No Wait app to check live wait times and add your name to the wait list before you arrive.

Let me know if you go and/or if you want me to join you!


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