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Mom bod in a sauna pod

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

What happens when a mama type climbs in to this high-tech device on a cold MN day?

Aglow with the Infrared Sauna Pod

“15 degrees out and I'm putting on a bunny suit.”

Outside the sauna pod

While infrared is not new, and the benefits of a sauna have been supported for generations, the sauna pod is an exciting advancement, especially for us busy types. BzBody Cocoon Infrared Wellness Center is currently the only Minnesota business offering the pod experience! Their space is located inside Champions Hall in Eden Prairie, which is new to me and worthy of a future post! So keep an eye out for that.

Let's get technical In a sauna pod, your body is heated with infrared wavelengths. This enables the body itself to be heated rather than the space around it. In turn, water molecules in the body are broken down by this immense vibration and as a result you sweat out (release) toxins. One benefit of the pod experience is that your head is not inside the pod, so your brain doesn't get the hint that it's hot, resulting in added comfort for you.

What is a pod like?

Climbing into the pod, or cocoon, is a lot like laying in an old school tanning bed, but just so much better! Your head rests on a pillow and is surrounded by two small fans which blow cool air to help maintain your normal body temp feel. There is an adjustable cushion for your legs, and two small "doors" which your hands can go through to manipulate the screen, allowing you to adjust settings throughout the session. And, for those of us that just cannot put down our phones, you can mount your phone within reach allowing you to work, play, or listen while having this cozy sauna experience. With a pod, there is no water involved and so no musty locker room aroma. It is dry heat, though you will climb out covered in sweat (that's a good thing)!

Really though, when you're in the pod, the kids are gone, the pressure is off, and it's serious me-time.

Achieving that dewy look

What you really want to know is, how does it feel? Let me tell you, it feels amazing! You are able to select the level of heat, FYI the higher the heat the more calories you burn, and you have the option of a massage (kind of, it's more like vibration on your back and/or legs). Me, I chose to go all in with the highest heat and the top level of massage. I definitely could have fallen asleep, but I was eager to see everything the pod had to offer (the small screen offers images, quotes, tips, and health info to chose from). After the 30 minutes, I climbed out not knowing what to expect. First, I realized my breathing was improved (I didn't even know it was an issue though it likely has something to do with it being January in MN). Next, I took off the two layers (suits) provided. The innermost layer, the layer touching your skin, is a thin plastic which helps increase that sweat you want, and the outer layer is referred to as a "bunny suit", a white protective barrier between you and the pod itself. Both are funny to look at, since they're like giant footie pajamas (you know, with the feet and arms). Peeling those off you realize just how very sweaty you are. While in the pod, I didn't event know I was sweating except when I felt the occasional drip run down my side. After wiping all that off with the towel provided, I felt energized and ready to take on the day. I definitely had a glow about me, and bonus, my hair and makeup were still in tact! Personally, I would LOVE to see my results on their 10-day sauna pod challenge at BzBody Fitness, likely resulting in weight loss, and a boost in my energy and immune system!

Know before you go: I wore a sports bra & a pair of underwear, but I would actually recommend wearing nothing at all! Any clothes you wear will be soaking wet when you get out. Do bring deodorant if you use it, and earbuds if that's your thing BONUS: There is a Groupon deal right now!


Fun! I never knew what a sauna pod was (or a bunny suit for that matter!), but now I’m curious. I’ll have to check this out!


Kara Schmitz
Kara Schmitz
Feb 13, 2019

@jinaejm Yes, I was so excited to see the Groupon deal, what an amazing price!


Feb 13, 2019

This sounds like a different experience that I have never heard of before! Great price with the groupon deal!

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