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No, I don't work here.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

They should probably pay me though.

Spring is in at Target.

“I'm not saying I don't know where to find that item, I'm just saying I'm not an actual employee.

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A new variety of baskets & other organizational goods. NOTE: I want the bottom middle basket.

Spring is in at Target stores! Easter is all over the place and so is swimwear. Of course it is, it's February. I am loving the new Kona Sol swimwear line featuring woman with varying body types. Honestly, the image above is amazing. Yes, that is an image of 2 mom-types at the "beach". And yes, moms do get in on the fun when at the beach or pool. We pack all the stuff, haul the stuff, unload the stuff, and divvy up the stuff as needed upon arrival. We may even take a moment to soak up the sun (while covered in sunscreen and shade providing attire). And when our kids want our attention and/or need our assistance, we aren't thinking about how we look, we are splashing, sand sculpting, and cheering on our littles, not thinking about how our swimsuit looks on us or comparing ourselves to the other ladies sporting their summer bods. However, when we're putting a swimsuit on, we are definitely thinking about how we look. When we take off that cover-up or tank top and shorts, we are thinking about how we look. We want to be comfortable, feminine, and cute! Maybe even a little sassy too. This new swimwear line gives me hope to achieve that. Or at least the picture they chose to advertise the line does. Have you purchased or tried on anything from Kona Sol?

The biggest Target news of spring Drum roll please...Target employees are now allowed to wear jeans! That's right, as if you didn't get mistaken for an employee enough already due to how often you're there, now if you happen to be wearing a red-ish top with jeans, you're just going to have to give that customer directions to the pillow isle. And that's fine because you were heading that way anyway.

SIDEBAR: Does anyone else cruise Target stores' clearance isles & endcaps? Seriously, I've decorated much of my home with clearance items. Not just random clearance items I happened upon, but items I'd been eyeing and waiting to find on clearance because everything is eventually on clearance! If I have spare time between running errands or picking up kids from activities etc., I'll pop in to a location that isn't my go-to Target, because each store clearances items differently! One store I found to be big on clearancing toys, so I will stock up my gift closet for birthdays and Christmas. While at my go-to location they often clearance decor, which is dangerous and why a lot of ladies I know have started using grocery-delivery instead of going into the they can avoid overspending. I have not yet committed to that lifestyle choice. #targetrun


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