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Soda or Sota?

A mother-daughter duo, now open at the 7/41 Crossings.

When I saw the name of this new business I immediately thought it was a soda shop. Like a retro, pull up a stool to the counter, soda fountain kind of place. I mean, check out the tap handle for a keg (of soda pop) in the logo. Wait, that is a frosting piping bag.

Once I realized my mistake, I was even more excited for North Coop's new neighbor SotaLicious to open the doors to their new bakery in June.

Even on day one, the line was out the door. Okay, that may have had a little something to do with the limited capacity allowed in the bakery (due to COVID-19). But either way, customers of all ages were eager to get a taste from this sweet retreat.

The line moved quickly, and I was warmly welcomed in to the sight of a large and bustling bakery display case. The case featured a much larger variety than I had anticipated (over 2 dozen different items). First the cupcakes, then cookies. Next bars and truffles. And behind the counter, ice cream. Yes, please!

I wasn't sure what to choose, though I quickly decided on Monster Cookies for my kids. But the moment my eyes gazed upon those HUGE Scotcheroos (my favorite), I knew I had to have one...and I did. It was perfect and pretty, with a showy butterscotch drizzle on top.

The baker (and daughter) Heidi happily rounded up my selection and bagged them for me to take home. The entire time I was in the shop, her face was glowing with excitement and a sense of pride. I kind of wanted to say "You go girl!" but, unfortunately I'm not that girl.

It's really something special to have this local women-owned bakery so close to home. I'm looking forward to watching SotaLicious continue to bring the sweet! My kids are too.

The Takeaway: Kitschy-cute bakery with a delicious assortment. All items are takeout. Custom orders welcome.


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