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This energy though

Get in on these good vibes.

When it gets chilly out there, that’s one more excuse to hibernate at home. But what I really want to do is be active, and be with other people (that don’t live in my house)! I’m just fine chilling at home, doing very little. But I don’t want to be “just fine”? I want to be filled with energy. Energy to breathe deeper, be in the moment, and have meaningful interactions. This energy is one of the many benefits you’ll receive from a visit to the GYPSET Midwest Yoga studio.

As a Deephaven resident, GYPSET co-founder Melissa spent this past summer instructing yoga classes around the area including at the yacht club, tennis courts, Thorpe park, and a handful of neighborhood yards. And now you can get in on those good vibes at their brand-new studio! As part of a larger community effort led by Joel Schrimpf of The Shop - Performance Training, they have created a community-based health and wellness space with all the amenities (and lots of custom touches) bringing together neighbors of all ages and abilities, creating real connections. Whether meeting in a class, in the lounge, or at one of the monthly events, friendships bud during encounters within The Shop.

GYPSET Yoga Retreat founders Melissa Joy Schoeller & Laurel Van Matre were introduced to Joel by a member of one of their transformative yoga retreats. After what was to be a nonchalant meeting of the minds, they knew making Minnetonka their home-base was a perfect fit to expand GYPSET into a community-based venture.

With their youthful appearance, you wouldn't guess they have decades of experience! Starting in the 1990s, these driven and talented yogi gurus have enjoyed watching the yoga world change, becoming an athletic & wellness experience. Almost the opposite of those chain yoga places, GYPSET instructors guide each class based on the student’s abilities, not based on a company template. The approachable instructors meet people where they are, as they believe everyone should be able to experience a class fit for them. Don’t overlook the soft lighting, warm wood floors, and great soundtrack played via a killer sound system…it was all curated just for you.

Opening later this month, the yoga studio will roll out along with a steam room, cardio space, free weight area, spin studio and more. Classes include vinyasa, yin, restorative, nidra and alignment-based yoga as well as fitness classes including cycle and barre. No matter the style, you’ll be amidst a completely new HVAC system with fresh air exchange, Ionizer, UV light, HEPA blah blah, you know, the freshest air possible providing the best protection available against airborne viruses and bacteria. Not to mention the seasonal outdoor classes, and lemon grass cold towels after class!

The studio is located just off the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail at 15400 Minnetonka Industrial Rd, Minnetonka. You should definitely learn more about their yoga classes and all the other offerings (including classes for kids 3+) at The Shop.

BONUS: One of the yoga studio walls will feature an abstract mural painted by local artist (and yoga student) Missy Monson!

HOT TIP: Check out their AMAZING upcoming yoga retreats!


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