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What do croissants, shoes and CBD have in common?

Grand Opening x3.

South Lake Minnetonka knows what ladies like, and I for one can't wait to explore all the new shops! The ever evolving Water Street is now home to Red Bench Bakery's second location, featuring breakfast pastries and artisanal sandwiches. And let me say, it was hard to be patient watching the progress on the new space, but so worth the wait. Fresh baked bread, sweets, and savory options abound, Red Bench in Excelsior is about to become my family's new go-to! Doors open Friday, May 31st.

Cross Water Street and slip into Luya Shoes and Other Fine Things for style with comfort in mind. They consider their selection of shoes to be pieces of art that happen to function as footwear. With art in mind, I think their choice of location was no coincidence. The former florist shop, is full of texture, emotion and character. Check it out and get your hands on freebies from Excelsior Brewing and Licks Unlimited when you shop their Grand Opening celebration Saturday, June 1.

Joining the neighborhood this past April, ProFusion CBD + Wellness will host a Grand Opening party in Shorewood, 6pm - 8pm Thursday, May 30th. Have you tried CBD? Yes, it's legal and no, it won't get you high. Though it may relieve anxiety, pain, and fatigue to name a few amazing benefits of this trendy new wellness aid. And from my experience, this wave of CBD popularity is far from cresting. I suffer from stress-induced migraines and last year, while experiencing the worst migraine I've ever endured, I tried everything I could to relieve it (over the counter, prescribed, homeopathic, essential oils, caffeine, etc.)! Then I tried a CBD edible, and my pain was gone in 8 minutes. What, 8 minutes? Yes, I couldn't believe it either. If you're like me (never smoked a day in my life and not great at swallowing pills) that's okay because CBD comes in liquid, gummy and topical forms. I encourage anyone who suffers from similar issues (animal companions included) to give CBD a try. Speak with Dana at ProFusion and she will guide you to your best option for relief.

The South Lake Minnetonka 'hood has plenty of new options to explore this weekend. Let me know which ones you visit! And be sure to check out my event calendar to see what else is coming up!


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